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Having only one source of income Should not be something to talk about.

It will be cool if you are earning from every angle with little or no stress which is known as side hustle which can lead to financial freedom.

You can still be doing your current Job with a side business called hustle which can eventually generate more income more than that current Job even in this seasons.


1. Start Making YouTube Videos

What did you know how to do best? It’s really fun and could actually make you 6figure monthly all you just need to do is to invest in Sharp quality camera or a Good phone.

Making videos for YouTube is a fast-growing sport. Nowadays, you can film from anywhere with high-quality cameras even on your phone. And the videos you make can really be about anything. Think of Dance, Comedy, training, videos tutorials, and someone’s daily life (vlogging or keeping an internet diary).

The possibilities are endless

You will spend a lot of time making videos, especially when they are still subject to editing. When finished, however, they can create passive income online for a long time. You will earn with “Google Adsense” ads that are displayed on your videos once subscribers hits as low as 1000.

You get paid every time someone looks at or clicks on this ad. The price is view is low, we are not talking about crazy money herebut if you have many views, it is becoming a bigger stream of income, especially when you create content daily.

Big Youtube stars, whose videos get hundreds of thousands of views every day, are making cool money everyday! Invest in views.

2. Create An eBook Then Sell After

Writing an eBook seems like a lot of work at first. Well, truly it is. But once completed, it will be a fruitful source of income since it doesn’t even have an expiry date. You can sell your book on your website and boost sales by having a referral program for other hustlers in which they will have some commission after referring or reselling. You could also sell it on platforms like AMAZON or ClickBank so as to reach more audience at a go! And these platform would have their commission on any item sold from their website too. Make sure your book is worth reading!

You can write about anything but you must know a lot about the subject. Give the reader a lot of useful information, use the right words, Make it exciting to read. Yes! Make it reader friendly. Have he even ran into a problem that no one is writing about yet? Then you might have a gold mine in your hands.

Even with one Good book, you will make lots of money because sales can be unlimited and it could be for a long period of time.

3. Sell Your Photos Online

Do you like photography? If so, you may be able to generate a nice source of passive income with your photos. You can post photos taken on so-called stock photo websites, such as Shutterstock or iStockPhoto. This way, you will receive a fixed amount or percentage for every customer who buys your photos through that website.

If you make a nice portfolio, you can earn a great deal of money through it. Posting your photos is not difficult. The complete process is fully Automatic. And the great thing is… every photo you take can be sold again and again and generate compound revenue. Ideal, right?

Keep in mind that your photos have to be really good and high quality. It is smart to look at what is already in high demand. So make them slightly with a commercial slant; this works best 9 times out of 10!

4. Sell Your Own Products

Creating your own products can be considered a very broad topic, where you can sell just about anything. You can make your own products or have them produced cheaply in countries such as China.

You will have to build your own website for this, where customers can order the products. Another way is to place products on Amazon, which increases the chance

Always make sure that you have your own website anyway.

When you sell your own products, you have higher profit margins, more freedom, possibly more market dominance, and many sales opportunities. This way, you can quickly make more sales via large platforms (such as Amazon). They can even arrange the complete handling of your orders, leaving you more time for marketing and creativity.

Regardless of the time you put in, this is a great source of a passive income!

5. Own A VTU Website / Portal

The sales of Data and Airtime has become evident by side hustlers who saw this as an opportunity.

Little wonder Banks and other Loan Platforms are seriously venturing it. Although, with this approach from hustlers you can make # 15,000 monthly but the fact is how many Data can you sell daily? Let other people help you in reselling it like RAGP, QUICKTELLER and other legit Platform then make at least # 200,000 monthly with your VTU portal which cost less than # 30,000 to own. In short, these has beem one of our side hustle You can check ours here and we know what we are really enjoying. You can view our related article here.

This is a very passive form of earning large income!

6. Be A Referring Resource

Any small (start-up) business can use referrals, which lead to more sales. Make a list of companies that you regularly turn to and that you can recommend to others. Then, ask them if they give you some sort of commission when customers come to those companies through you. It can lead to a nice side-stream of earnings.

You can even create a website for this with recommendations or quotations (something like a portal). Also, use social media and other online ways to increase exposure. When you approach it a little smarter, your earnings can suddenly add up.

It is, of course, important that you do not spend too much time on it. But it quite easily causes a snowball effect. In this way, you also build up real passive income, and you can do other interesting things while the money is being generated on autopilot.

7. Create An App

You can also start building an app. Yes, I know it’s not for everyone, but it’s not THAT hard. You have to ask yourself a number of questions.

  • What do you want your app to do?
  • How do you make the app attractive to users?
  • What problem do you solve with it?
  • How do users’ lives become simpler with your app?
  • And how are you going to market your app?

Of course, many developers want to release an app, so really stand out.

It starts with a good idea, but then you also have to spend time developing it. Your app can be complex, but also super simple. Think of some games that literally don’t make sense, but have a great playtime. With the addition of advertisements, you can earn a lot of passive income with apps.

You can buy under-developed apps for a very low price, which will add up with massive use. This way, you can earn money for years with 1 made app.

8. Develop An Online Course

Everyone is an expert at something, so why not create an online course for this? It can be a great source of a passive income!

You can approach this in different ways. For example, there are websites like, with millions of students looking for new online courses every day. You can also post your online course on many other websites, including Amazon, of course. There are plenty of sales channels where you can sell an online course, just use Google to find what suits best.

Now it is important to make an excellent online course. If you post your online course on international platforms, you will have to make it in English. The use of video lessons, checklists, small e-books for support, images, and, for example, an audio version to reinforce your content.

Also, make 3 different packages with corresponding price categories. This way, you reach every customer, so that you take full advantage of the customers’ volume and earn more.

9. Create A Website / Blog

Creating a blog / Website can be so easy that without Coding knowledge or any previous knowledge about it, you can create a professional website even from scratch. There are many ways to make money from a website even without

Google Adsense really is one of the simplest ways to create passive income online. You place advertisements on your website or blog and don’t have to do anything about it.

The income is generated every time when visitors click on your ads.

Although you only earn a few cents per click, it can add up when you get a lot of visitors. The percentage that clicks on it every day can thus lead from nice pocket money to a whole monthly income.

So it works best when you have a website that is well visited. It can also help to take over an existing website. You can also combine Adsense very well with, for example, affiliate marketing or other revenue models. This way, you build up more and more income with one website.

What are the best spots for Google Adsense?

Pay attention to where you place the ads. The best locations for this on your website are

  • inside the content
  • in the header
  • and the sidebar’s left side

Also, make sure you use the recommended dimensions that Google uses. And use ads with images, but also with text only. According to measurements, that combination yields the most!

Another interesting way to earn again from a blog / Website is by Affiliate program help companies sell what they sell through your referral links on your website as visitors troop it and have interest in the offer.

Another Interesting way of making money from a blog in which The nation, Punch etc cannot resist is by creating an Advertising space for small businesses to Advertise and pay you in return since your traffic can turn to their customer. This could be done weekly, monthly or even daily based on your fixed price.

10. Freelancing

Freelancing like copy writing, content writing, proof reading, graphics design usefulness cannot be over criticism including the website design you learned in the Number 9 step cannot earn you lower than # 10,000 per client. All these are very profitable as they are mostly needed now that we are in the digital world. There are also several websites you can showcase what you can do if you don’t want to create a business portfolio Websites. Sites like Fiverr will help in getting client that needs your work and you will be paid into your bank straight up!

SOURCE: Emmybestventures

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